October 14th – I Don’t Want to Miss What Matters

What really matters? So many things seem to require our attention these days! Let’s discover what really does matter in this life journey, especially in our lives as Christians where we are called to community with and for each other. What does Jesus teach us about the “bottom-line”?

October 21st – Give me Open Hands and Open Doors
What does it mean to open our hands and the doors of our churches to what God calls us? What are we as a church doing that answers the call of God to create a better world? Are we open to the surprising places that the Spirit might lead us – even if it means moving outside our own little world?

October 28th – I Wanna Be Reaching Out
What can one person do? What can one church do? How do we shift the focus from “Population me” to living “outside my own little world? Let’s celebrate that when we share our individual and unique gifts, we discover that as a the Body of Christ – we can offer much!

This worship series is so appropriate as we find ourselves in the midst of our annual stewardship campaign. You see, our church cannot continue its ministries and make a difference in the world without your financial support. It is through the help of each one of you that our church can move outside of its own little world – even as it encourages each one of us to do the same.

You will soon be receiving a pledge card in the mail – because the financial support of our church cannot be the responsibility of a few, but must be the responsibility of everyone if our church is to survive and thrive. An accompanying letter will not be persuading you or guilt-tripping you into pledging to the church.

It will simply outline some of the ministries that our church family engages in that take us outside our own little world and into the world that Jesus challenged us to move into in order to reflect “all that he stood for”. The letter will ask you simply to think about what you value in the ministries of our church and where in all your priorities sustaining these ministries lie – and to reflect that in your 2019 pledge. It will simply ask that you reflect on how important it is that our church affirm in intentional ways “all that he stood for.”