A new fall worship series will help us prepare for the annual stewardship season. This is when your Council asks each one of you just how much our church means to you and where church stands in your list of financial priorities. Late in the fall, you will be asked to prayerfully consider what you will pledge financially to ensure that this church’s ministries continue. You will be asked to step outside of your own little world.

In this series, we will remember why we are a Body together—being the hands and feet of Christ in a frightened and hurting world. We will focus not just on maintaining “the church,” but why it is that the church exists at all. We will reaffirm our personal purpose in this world and who we are together.

This worship series will extend through October, but here is what you can expect in September.

September 16th – Population Two
We gather together as the Body of Christ now that people are fully back to their
regular routines after the summer. And so we come to worship to reconnect with
friends – and with our God. “Connection” is a big part of who we are called to be. Yet, we are too often concerned with “Population: me”, both as individuals and as a church. What should community and connection look like? Can we expand our notion of “family” so that we might restore our relationships with each other and draw that relationship circle wider and wider?

September 23rd – I Try to Stay Awake (in Church and Otherwise)!
In order to begin to live “outside your own little world,” we are asked to “wake up” to the world around us…beyond what we might see right in front of us. Sometimes we simply go through the motions—in our lives and in our worship. Perhaps it is not about staying awake in church, but staying awake as the church. There are many reasons why we may be choosing to stay unaware…the pain in the world is sometimes overwhelming. But the risk of becoming numb, living our lives as if asleep, is that it begins to affect the way we experience the fullness of God’s abundant blessings and promises. The good news is that we can wake up. To wake up as a church is to reclaim hope and the power to make a difference.

September 30th – I Don’t Want to Miss What Matters
What really matters to us? After all, so many things seem to require our attention these days. So many priorities compete for our time, money, energy, and passion. But none of us what to miss out on what really matters! What have you discovered that “really matters” in life, especially life as a Christian—which calls us to be community with and for one another? And how does that compare with what Jesus teaches us about the “bottom-line?