Message from Reverend Nancy (continued)

What if we lived life truly connected to the origins of Creation and the Creator? What would it mean to affirm in our daily lives the words that begin our Bible: that in the beginning God created all things and called them “good”? Would we live life differently if we believed in “original blessing” rather than “original sin”?

In this series, we will explore five essential ideas found in Creation Spirituality and reflect on just how to live within the community of earth in a way that deepens our reverence for life, participates in the creativity of the whole cosmos, and develops our passion for justice and human transformation. Might we be compelled to lead lives of spiritual inquiry, creativity, and prophetic action as we live into our sacred work in the world?

Here is what we will focus on each Sunday in July:

July 1st – Creation as Blessing
The Universe, and all life within it, is fundamentally a blessing. It is fundamentally good and created to flourish – including us. This does not prevent hardship and difficulties, however, but it does strengthen us as we go through tough times. It allows us to deepen our faith and spirituality without fear. Life in all its joys and struggles is a blessing – which means, it is something worth sharing. How might we live day to day recognizing goodness and blessing as ways to transform our experience of life?

July 8th – Spirit of Compassion
Living life as a blessing does not come easily, and it is something that we cannot do alone. It is through the work of spiritual practice that we move beyond fear into compassion and so discover our true selves. Engaging in spiritual practices – whether typically religious (like praying) or not (like walking) – are at their core intentional. This intentionality draws us closer to the Creator and encourages us to see just what we were created to be–free and compassionate beings. What practices in your life draw you closer to your true self and closer to compassion for others?

July 15th – The Paths of Life
The spiritual journey moves us in and out of four paths: awe and wonder; letting go; creativity; compassion and justice. These “cycles of life” remind us that there is a time for everything and that the sometimes puzzling movement of the spirit is part of being human. Can we accept this sacred invitation to move fully into all the rhythms of life?

July 22nd – Sacred Creative Vocation
Made in the image of the Creator, every one of us carries within us the capacity to be an agent for positive change. It is our responsibility to say (as the prophet Isaiah said) “here I am, send me” and to nurture our capacity to be transformative and a benefit to the earth and all its creatures. What are we creating in this world that will cause positive ripples into the future?

July 29th – Healing Relationships
We live in sacred relationship with every other living thing. Our food, our health, our homes, our vocations are all part of an interconnected community. We are part of a sacred web. Creation hangs in the balance when we forget this connection. Today we must acknowledge that our species and the entire earth community depend upon the healing of harm already done, moving toward sustainability for the future, and harmonious coexistence for all and with all. Can we embrace our responsibility to care? Now is the time, if we want a future.