Sunday School: Nursery/Kindergarten

Learning who we are as God’s people and our responsibility for the well-being of one another begins with our littlest children at RVCC in our warm and caring nursery/kindergarten classroom. Infants are cuddled and rocked and cared for by adults and experienced high school babysitters. Parents are always invited to stay if they so choose.

Through a combination of playtime, snack, and circle time, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners begin to learn Biblical stories, how to pray, who God is, and how to respect one another. This gentle and age appropriate curriculum has introduced the Christian faith to youngsters at RVCC for decades!

Sunday School: Grades 1 through 6

We currently use the Spark Online curriculum for our younger children through Grade 6. With Spark as the foundation, the children study Bible stories using a modified rotation model. The approach is action-oriented because the children learn about each Bible passage from several perspectives, such as cooking, science, art, and drama. Bible passages have included such topics as the story of Solomon and his Temple, the Good Samaritan, the Disciples, Moses, Noah and the Ark, and the Lord’s Prayer.

Youth Group

When their busy schedules permit, we offer activities for older youth grounded in the “Three S’s”: service, social, spiritual. To that end, they have enjoyed Saturday evening pizza and movie nights and a variety of community service projects, including participating in a U.C.C.- sponsored weekend at H.O.M.E. (Homemakers Organized for More Employment) and traveling to Boston to serve lunch and participate in worship at the Common Cathedral.

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Adult Discussion Groups

We believe that learning about your faith story should not end with Sunday School. In small group settings several times a year, we offer adults a chance to study the Bible as well as read other thought-provoking books together to deepen and enrich their spirituality. All people interested in exploring some of “big questions” are welcome to attend any adult discussion group. We’re friendly folk here, so come and join the discussion. All opinions and views are respected and welcome!
Some of our classes are focused on Bible study while others are based on thoughtfully chosen books that we read together. Here’s a sampling of some of our book studies:

Convictions and Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg
Called to Question A Spiritual Memoir by Joan Chittester
Half Truths and Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart by Adam Hamilton
The Didache
Simple Living; Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective by Michael Schut

We are always open to suggestions and recommendations for future classes.