Welcome to Raymond Village Community Church, United Church of Christ

Special Worship

2021 Summer Music during worship!

Patrick Martin joined us for the majority of the summer starting May 30.  He is a talented pianist and singer and formerly was our choir director.  We were excited for his return!  Note:  Much of the choral music from the summer was reprised in the 12/26/21 worship.

We also had other musicians join us in the summer for a Sunday or two. All of these musicians have been with us in prior years

  • Sigrid Sibley played the guitar and/or mandolin and sang
  • Katherine Rhoda played any of Marxophone, violin, guitar, or harpeleik and sang
2021 Christmas Eve worship

Christmas Eve was our last in person worship for a while. We enoyed the sghts and sounds.
Thank you Will Feagans for the pictures!

Pastor Petra
Choir singing “Will We Know Him” accompanied by Michael Bostock
Craig and Meghan Messinger lighting the Christ Candle
Cora Sullivan reads the beginning of the Christmas Story
Bob Yates reading the middle of the Christmas story.
Martha Morrison reading the conclusion of the Christmas story.
Singing “Silent Night”