Welcome to Raymond Village Community Church, United Church of Christ


As we begin to prepare, we want to let everyone know what church will look like when we do re-open, because things will be different! We hope to re-open in the next few months, but will be recording services through at least August 16th .

First, we ask that you not attend if: you have any symptoms of illness such as a fever of 100 degrees F or more, new cough, new sore throat, new runny nose or nasal congestion, new shortness of breath, new muscle aches/fatigue, new loss of smell/taste, chest pain.

What do I need to do in order to attend?

• Bring your favorite mask! All congregants must wear a face mask at all times in the church. Please plan to bring your own mask.

• Plan to arrive a few minutes early so that the worship service can start as close to on-time as possible. Remaining socially distant, and being mindful of others will take a little time. What will happen when I arrive?

• Everyone will be asked to enter through the front doors. Maintain social distancing as you come into the church. The Vestry entrance will not be used.

• Greetings! Upon entering the building, you will be greeted by a Deacon or Assistant who will give you a mask if you need one and ask you to use the hand sanitizer.

• Some pews will be blocked off. A Deacon or Deacon Assistant may direct you to a seat, to maintain proper distancing. We will be using every-other-pew and only two people will be seated per pew in order to maintain a 6- foot social distancing minimum. The exception will be for two or more members of the same family who may be seated together in the same pew. Maintain distancing as you locate a seat.

• Hugging, hand-shaking, close contact are discouraged. Remember, we’re still doing our part to stop the virus’ spread. This will be hard for many of us but keep in mind that it is temporary. Worship Service Format

• Unsafe to sing, or to have unison speaking. You will primarily be hearing from Pastor Petra and the Deacon on duty.

• The bibles and hymnals have been temporarily removed from the pews. All relevant information for the worship will be in Bulletins placed in pews.

• Communion Sunday will look a little different. For everyone’s safety, we will provide pre-packaged juice and wafer in pews when you enter on Communion Sundays. This way fewer hands will touch the Communion elements.

• Offerings we will not ‘pass the plate’. Instead, there will be a designated basket near the entrance of the sanctuary for you to place your donations. You can also set up automatic weekly donations.

• The only restrooms which will be available are those on the same level as the sanctuary, just outside the office.

• Children in church. Your children who are old enough to wear a mask are welcome to sit with you during the church service. We ask that you please be socially distance-minded and not allow children to walk around the building but remain with you during the service.

• No coffee hour yet. While there is still a chance of spreading the coronavirus, we must be vigilant in doing our part. So, there will not be a Fellowship Café before church or coffee hour following the service. The Vestry will be off limits.

• Exiting the church. Please remember social distancing as you leave the building and go to the parking lot. We will have back rows exit first and then move forward. There will be markings on the floor of the sanctuary to remind us of safe 6 foot distances.

If you have any questions please contact Pastor Petra 655-7749