Welcome to Raymond Village Community Church, United Church of Christ

Our Staff

Pastor – Brian Donovan

cell: 207-350-9561 or email: pastorbrian.m.donovan@gmail.com

Reverend Brian Donovan is a second career, open and affirming pastor of the United
Church of Christ. His first career was in the construction trades as a ceramic tile installer / owner
/ operator where he also worked as a framer, marine electrician, and any other trade needed to get
the work done as most contractors do in Maine. However, this career focus changed in 2011
when Brian returned to university to follow his calling as a pastor and his love of literature.

Following University, Brian completed a nearly thirty-year pilgrimage of the Spirit when
he finally found the UCC which is a community where ALL humanity is accepted and affirmed as a child of God. Brian graduated with a Master of Divinity from Boston University School of Theology.
Since then, Pastor Brian has served a multitude of ministries which have all added to
God’s calling through Brian. These ministries have been as chaplain and pulpit supply to shared
ministry between two Methodist communities in Maine. He has also served with other pastors in
Massachusetts and as a settled pastor and teacher in New Hampshire.

Raymond Village Community Church has called Pastor Brian as a one year designated term pastor starting 10/30/23,

Church Secretary, Lori Lambert

Office number: 207-655-7749 or
email: office@rvccme.org.

Lori Lambert has been our church secretary for over a decade.  Lori answers the phones, formats and prints our weekly and special bulletins, prints our monthly newsletter, and keep us on our toes as she keeps the office humming.

Pianist, Michael Bostock

Michael is a talented pianist, leading the spiritual music of the church.

Location: 27 Main St, Raymond ME
Mailing: PO Box 285, Raymond, ME

Phone: 207-655-7749