Here’s a brief outline of the series in May:

May 5th – “Dream”
All creation began with the dream of God. Likewise, all of our actions are born out of a dream and vision for the future. This is our birthright: to imagine and create. What brings you alive? What moves your soul in the very deepest way? What you create out of that answer is your greatest gift to the world and the way in which you are part of God’s ongoing creative dream.

May 12th – “Hover”
Hovering is the creative posture of taking a moment to see the “big picture”. Sometimes we skip the important step of paying quiet attention to this question: “What one thing do we need to focus on now?” For us then: What ONE thing would work on at this point in your life? What do you feel drawn to?

May 19th – “Risk”
To create is to assert ourselves in a way that is risky, that invites stepping into the unknown. How can you use your talents to multiply the gifts in the world? What can you do to risk what God has given you to expand love and grace in the world?

May 26th – “Listen”
Listening as part of creativity is about perceiving. We open our senses to better understand what is emerging. Once the act of creating begins, we listen to how the Spirit may be guiding us and unfolding possibilities we were previously unaware of.

I hope you will join in and begin to unlock your own unique creativity!