Daisy’s Children

RVCC is supporting Daisy’s Children which provides many vital services to the children and families of Honduras.

Because of the food, water, shelter, regular meals, and other necessities Daisy’s Children provides, many of these children are alive today.

To fund these life-saving supplies and programs, Daisy’s Children raises American dollars through ongoing fundraisers and projects.

See: http://daisyschildren.org/

Prayer Shawls

Over the past few years, we have given away over 100 knitted and crocheted prayer shawls to people in need of healing, facing difficult situations, celebrating great joys, or marking significant occasions. If you know of someone who would enjoy a prayer shawl, please be in touch with Rev. Nancy or any of our deacons.

RVCC Grocery Card Fundraising – “That was easy”

Everybody shops for food, but what if grocery shopping meant you could also help raise money for RVCC? We have Hannaford and Shaw’s grocery cards for sale in three denominations – $100; $50 or $25. The grocery cards offer dollar-for-dollar redemption. For example: when you spend $50 to purchase a $50 grocery card, you can use this card to buy $50 in groceries in one or multiple shopping trips. If you haven’t tried this program, we invite you stop by and pick up your grocery card(s) the next time you’re in church. Remember, for every $100 card purchased from the RVCC program – the church gets $5.

Here’s another reason to use this program… Are you worried about using your debit or credit card at the store and having your information stolen? Buy these gift cards with a check to RVCC and don’t worry about it!